What to use to clean house windows?

Wondering what type of cleaning product and tools to use to provide the best cleaning of your house windows? If you want to do your own window cleaning this spring instead of relying on professional windows cleaning in Stockport, you need to make sure that your window cleaning experience is as efficient, safe and easy as possible.

There are hundreds of window and glass cleaners on the market, but even the professional windows cleaners recommend you use a 1:2 white vinegar to water solution poured and mixed in a spray bottle for the final cleaning and polishing of the windows.

To prepare to clean your windows, fill a bucket or other large pot with cool water and several drops of dishwashing detergent.

Remove the curtains or blinds and clean them from any dust or dirt.

Get an old rug or towel and place it underneath the window you will be washing to avoid all the dirty residue and water from the window to spill on the sill or floor.

The first step is to wash off the residue from the windows by using a cloth or sponge soaked in the water and detergent. You should wash the entire window, including the frames and the top, side and bottom.

After you have washed it well, spray some of the water and vinegar solution on the window and frame. Of course, you can use a commercial window cleaning product instead, or a mixture of a cap of ammonia in two gallons of water, but vinegar is the safest from any chemical fumes, and is actually an excellent solution for polishing glass and mirrors.

Clean the window with a lint free towel or a crumpled newspaper by drying and polishing it in circular or z-shaped motions.

If there are streaks and residue left after the initial cleaning and buffing, repeat the spraying and polishing part.

In order to prevent the drying of the soapy water or cleaning solution on the window before being polished off, you should choose a cloudier and cooler day to wash windows at home.

When you clean your windows well, you will be amazed on how much the entire interior changes, with all the light which is let inside the house, and the amazing space which is opened by the nicely cleaned windows.

For perfect maintenance, it is recommended that you wash the windows at least twice a year. Of course, you can always use the services of a company for professional windows cleaning in Stockport, if you don’t have the time or energy to do this by yourself.

Professional windows cleaning can be done for the inside and outsides of your windows. A good cleaning company should be able to offer you curtain cleaning or gutter cleaning as well, in order to increase the effect of having perfectly clean windows.

Let the sunlight in your home once again by doing something as simple as cleaning your windows. The entire outlook of your home will drastically change from the indoors and from outside as well. Try to clean your carpets too.


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