Took a Company Junket to the Falls

It was a company junket, the boss decided to do something to celebrate having a good year. He figured that he was going to be able to write it off on his taxes, so he sort of went all of the way. He figured out how to do some party buses rental in Toronto or in fact he told me to do it. They want all of the details to be laid out for them before they will give you a price, so it seems that the price could change according to demand. For example it seems pretty obvious that a lot more people will want to rent a limo on a Friday night as compared to the demand for one on a Monday (unless that Monday is a Holiday like New Year’s Eve perhaps). You have to tell them what day you will need the vehicle and how many people you are going to be taking with you.

For us it was over two hundred people and the largest of the party buses they had for hire would carry forty five people. So if you had four of these that would give you room enough for a hundred and eighty people. So we had to get five of the buses, although some of them were not the biggest type that they had. It was about an hour drive down to the casino, but before we left the city we stopped and had a big banquet at a nice downtown hotel. A lot of the people who went to the banquet decided not to go on the trip though. That lasted all weekend, we left on Friday and then we came back to the city late on Sunday afternoon. It is not that I had a bad time, but I did lose more money than I meant to.

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