If You Can Quit When You Want to, Why Not do it Today?

People who have problems with drinking, with drugs, with smoking or other compulsive or addictive behavior always say the same thing: “I can quit whenever I want.”

This rings false, like some sort of half-hearted denial. It’s an admission that there is a problem but a general malaise towards doing anything about it, a want not to admit that the problem is, in fact, quite serious. The thing is, though, that you can’t say “I can quit whenever I want” without confessing to the problem in the first place.

People who have a beer now and then don’t need to “quit” anything because it’s not a habitual or ever-present part of their lives. People who have a cigar a few times a year or enjoy recreational drugs at a party once in awhile don’t “quit” anything. In order to have something to quit, you must have something that you’re doing far too frequently. If not an addiction, then at the very least a habit.

While this serves as a rough gauge of whether or not you have a serious problem, you really can’t ask some article on the internet to diagnose you or your friend or loved one for you. It really takes a friend to spot the signs of addiction and a professional to diagnose them. The purpose of this article is to help you take that first step if you’re certain that you’ve identified a problem, and that is to get past the excuses.

If you’ve been telling yourself that you can quit whenever you want to, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. Do you want to quit today?

And if not:

2. What are you gaining by spending one more day as a drinker?

Is there a big party tonight? Are you trying to win a drinking contest? What do you really have riding on being a drinker for one more day? What do you have to gain by not putting the bottle down right now, giving all of your beer to a friend who you know can handle it responsibly or just plain pouring it down the sink?

Life is full of missed opportunities. For someone who drinks every single day, someone struggling with addiction or someone who simply has a habit of partying a little too hard, every day is an opportunity to live better, healthier and happier without the crutch of alcohol.

For those who can be totally honest with themselves, these opportunities don’t have to be missed.

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