Creating Beautiful Jewelry By The Sea

There are so many different things I enjoy about searching for sea glass, or “sea glassing” as it’s sometimes called. I enjoy the being by the water part of it. There is nothing more relaxing than being on the beach or on the river on a lovely day.  There’s the thrill of the find. Often I pick up glass and don’t really pay attention to it, it goes into the bucket. If it’s a special piece, blue or pink, or a patterned piece it goes into a special plastic bottle where it’s safe. Then once I get home I get to go through my glass and see exactly what I have found.

Then there is the fun of creating the jewelry itself.  Each piece of glass asks for a different type of design. Some pieces I just wrap in wire, and some are wrapped in wire and embellished with beading. Sometimes I used a collection of glass and make one necklace or bracelet out of it.

The most fun I have is doing what I call creating by the sea jewelry. It’s when I take my sea glass and crafting supplies to the beach, get myself comfortable at a picnic table and take in the atmosphere. This really helps me to be very creative and make unique beautiful jewelry.

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