Call Dust B Gone for Dust Free Tile Removal Cavecreek

Are you planning on removing your floor tiles so you can install a new one? Then you have to prepare with the mess later. Removing tiles is not an easy job to do. It is because it will need a lot of equipment to remove them one by one. The biggest problem here is that there will be plenty of dust floating around the air. Not only is it difficult to do the clean up, but also bad for our health. Luckily, you can solve this matter by calling Dust B Gone, a service company of dust free tile removal Cavecreek.

About the Company

Dust B Gone is a company that offers services of removing tiles. They have been running their business since 2012. They are able to remove several types of tiles such as porcelain, ceramic, satillo, and travertine.

This company is quite different from other contractors with same service. As we said before, removing tiles can cause a large amount of dust. This contractor will make sure that there will be none of them left in our house, either during the project or after finishing. Thus, there is no need for you to cover your room, furniture, wall, or other goods.

The reason why they can do that is because of their HEPA filter system. This system can help them to remove tiles perfectly without causing any airborne dust. The filter is capable of capturing 98% of the dust before it even has the chance to fly to the air. It can suck dust and other particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Another great thing about them is they can do their job fast. It will not take more than one day for them to finish the project. So, you can install a new flooring in the next day immediately. Furthermore, they also do the cleaning after doing tile removal. They will guarantee that your house will stay clean in the end.

Reasons to Choose Dust B Gone

There are several reasons why you must hire this company to remove your tiles.

1. Their service is licensed as well as insured for both commercial and residential projects.

2. They have gained a lot of experiences throughout over 40 years long. That makes them quite reputable and trustworthy.

3. Thanks to their Hepa filter system, your house will be free from dust.

4. Usually, when contractors are about to begin their project, homeowners will leave their house. It aims to prevent them from inhaling dust. But, you will not have to do it if you call Dust B Gone since their work does not involve airborne dust. Hence, you only need to move into another room and wait until they finish.

5. Their working method will not affect your health, especially to those who have breathing problem like asthma.

6. You do not have to do clean up since they will vacuum the remaining dust on the floor after the removal.

7. They can remove all tiles in less than a half time. Therefore, you can install a new floor as soon as possible in the next day.

8. This company has a number of professional crews to serve you. Moreover, they do their job with professional equipment as well.

9. Before removing tiles, we certainly have to move the furniture and other appliances first, right? But, you do not have to bother yourself with such troublesome task. Their service already includes that job for you.

10. If we look at their service and the equipment they use, some of us might think how expensive they can cost us. Fortunately, they still offer us with affordable cost. In fact, their price is even less than the ones using traditional methods.

So, what do you think about this dust free tile removal Cavecreek? Without a doubt, they can give you an amazing service with the best result. Besides Cavecreek, they are also available in other areas of Arizona. All in all, if you want to remove tiles in your house, Dust B Gone is the one to call.

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