7 Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf on Your House Yard

What kind of lawn do you have in your house? Is it natural or artificial lawn? If you have natural lawn, you might want to change it into the artificial one. Artificial lawn is a surface made of synthetic materials that looks like natural grass. There have been a lot of homeowners using it to decorate their yard. It is not surprising since this turf has plenty of benefits we can enjoy.

1. Prevents Lawn Diseases

Little did you know that natural lawn has a tendency to get diseases if we do not provide a proper maintenance. One of them is Rhizoctonia. It is a kind of fungus which attacks plants like grass. When your lawn get caught of it, they will look sick and dreadful. Consequently, your lawn will no longer look healthy and beautiful. You will not find such disease from artificial turf. Since they are synthetic, there will be no fungus or other diseases able to attack them. Thus, your yard will stay beautiful with its fresh green color.

2. No More Puddles and Mud

Raining can be a big issue for houses that have natural grass. There will be mud everywhere which is quite dirty for some people. Not to mention, this type of lawn tends to flood and creates puddles in several spots. You might think there is no problem with it since the grass will need water anyway. Unfortunately, giving too much water can actually kill your lawn. You do not have to worry things like mud and puddles when you have used artificial turf. Due to its built-in drainage, it will not make any puddles or even mud when it rains. That makes your yard will always stay clean.

3. No More Weeds & Pests

There are two issues that most homeowners found annoying from natural grass. Those are weeds and pests. Grass is able to provide weeds that the soil need to grow. When the weeds are out of control, you can expect to see unattractive view from your lawn. Furthermore, natural grass is able to attract pests like insects. If you ignore this pest issue, there is a possibility for dangerous animals like racoon or snake to come to prey those insects. Luckily, synthetic grass will not make any of these natural disasters to you. So, you do not have to bother yourself trying to control those pests and weeds.

4. No Need to Use Pesticides

As we have mentioned before, artificial grass will not attract any pests to come. That means you do not need to use pesticide. We already know how bad this thing is due to its chemical contents. Long-term exposure toward pesticides can impact to human health. It can affect our nervous or hormone system or cause issues like eyes or skin irritation. Using pesticide can also give bad impacts to our environment.

5. No Need to Buy Fertilizers

Since artificial turf is only a fake grass, we do not have to fertilize it like the natural one. We can just leave it be like that. Since we do not have to use fertilizers or pesticides anymore, we can just save the money for other important needs.

6. Reduces Regular Maintenance

Using fertilizer is only one of the tasks we need to do in maintaining natural lawn. There are still so many things we must do for that. For example, we must mow it regularly so it will always look tidy and attractive. However, not all of us like to do such tiring activity. If you do not like this kind of house work, you can simply replace your natural grass with the artificial one. By that, mowing is not necessary to do anymore since they will not grow at all. As a result, you can take your spare time to relax.

7. Better Appearance

The best part about using fake grass for your yard is that the green color will last throughout the year. In contrast, the color of natural grass will fade along with the change of the season. In addition, we also have to treat it properly to maintain the fresh look. But, with artificial turf, you can save your time and energy for other things instead.

The points above are only a few benefits you can get from artificial turf. You can still find some more once you have installed it on your yard. If you want to install it, you can call a professional to do it. There are several constructors that offer installation service of artificial turf Phoenix AZ. Just call them, they will come and install it for you and enhance the overall look of your home.

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